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Blood Betrayal

Geez Louise! It’s been a while since I’ve been here and for that, I sincerely apologize. I’ve been wrapped up in my writing and that just doesn’t allow for much time to dick around on tumblr.  However, I did want to say hello and catch up with old friends. xx

It’s time to give back

The time has come, my friends.  I feel that the moment is right and in the coming weeks, something beautiful has the opportunity to happen.

As some of you may know, I am the co-founder and co-creator of Random Acts of Christmas, an online charity that provides gifts for children in need on Christmas morning via our amazing Santas.  No seriously, check it out. It’s AWESOME. We gave over $69,000 in toys and clothing last year. SUPER GREAT!

Anyway, so I’m very big on giving.  Chartreuse has been doing magnificent sales wise and I believe the interest in this book can be used for something good.   The blog tour is kicking off on May 10th and will last until May 23rd and I have made a decision.

100% of proceeds made from sales during the blog tour will be donated to two wonderful things.

The Trevor Project is an American non-profit organization founded in 1998 and the leading national organization focused on suicide prevention efforts among lesbiangaybisexualtransgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth. Through a toll-free telephone number, it operates “The Trevor Lifeline”, a confidential service that offers trained counselors. The project also provides guidance and vital resources to parents and educators in order to foster safe, accepting and inclusive environments for all youth, at home and at school.

(Okay. Yeah. I copied it from Wikipedia.  No big, okay? Okay.)

I think it’s obvious why this project means so much to me.  I care about the youth of America today.  ALL of them.  It breaks my heart when I hear about a young life being taken by suicide because people refuse to accept what’s ‘different’ in their eyes.  This project has saved a lot of lives and will undoubtedly save more in the future.

The second place I’d like to give to is:

There are currently 322 Ronald McDonald’s Houses in 52 countries and regions. Ronald McDonald Houses act as a place to stay for families with hospitalized children who are receiving treatment. Ronald McDonald’s Houses provide over 7,200 bedrooms to families around the world each night, with an estimated value of $257 million in lieu of hotel costs.

When my nephew was born way too prematurely back in ’03, The Ronald McDonald house really came through for my brother and his wife.  They were able to stay close to the hospital as my nephew fought for his life for nearly 7 weeks. My sister-in-law has always wanted to give back to them, and this will be my way of doing it.

So folks, this is my super special announcement. I’m giving back and I couldn’t be more happy about that.  Chartreuse is a message of hope, and I can’t thank you enough to everyone who has purchased it thus far.  Just know, that from the 10th until the 23rd, any purchases made will be going to great causes for the betterment and well-being of our future generations. <3

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FOR 48 HOURS ONLY!  Join Presley and Lorcan and their friends on an adventure of romance and danger in books 1 and 2 of the Kadenburg Shifters Series.  Book 3 is releasing in June so get these while they are on sale. 
The Truth about Kadenburg
Return to Kadenburg
New Release: Chartreuse by T.E. Ridener


New Release: Chartreuse by T.E. Ridener




Chartreuse by T.E. Ridenr


Kasen Reed was a lonely guy with hardly any friends. Sheltered by his domineering, cynical mother, he never gained much of a social status and he’s never known true affection. At the age of 19, he finally moves out to start his own life and he has no idea where he’s going from here. Rowan Kelly moved to the tiny town of Chartreuse,


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Release Blast: Chartreuse by T.E. Ridener

Chartreuse is now live on Amazon!


Kasen Reed was a lonely guy with hardly any friends. Sheltered by his domineering, cynical mother, he never gained much of a social status and he’s never known true affection. At the age of 19, he finally moves out to start his own life and he has no idea where he’s going from here. 

Rowan Kelly moved to the tiny town of Chartreuse, Alabama in hopes of starting anew. After a messy breakup that lingers over his head, and his heart, he believes he’s finally found the perfect place to open his clinic and do what he loves best; helping animals. Despite how picture perfect the quaint little town seems, the 26 year old feels like something is missing….. 

Two lonesome hearts will have a chance encounter in a town that doesn’t seem to be ready for the acceptance of love equality, but will it stop them from being together? 

A message of hope. A message of strength. A message of love.

Get your copy HERE.

Took a break from my current WIP to watch something inspirational.  I’m releasing my first M/M romance on the 25th and I’m pretty nervous..but I thought this movie on Netflix sounded really good so I decided to watch it.

I’m in love.  To others it may seem corny or cheesy, but it was seriously up my ally and wonderful in so many ways.  If you haven’t seen ‘Were the World Mine’, I highly recommend it.  Yes, there’s singing (and hottie boys in fairy costumes), but the main character’s voice is actually VERY pleasant to listen to.

And the ending is perfect, so there’s that.  Check it out. I’m serious.

Holy crap I haven’t been here in a while. I’m sorry!

I’ve been quite busy outside the tumblr world, but I promise I’ve been lingering nearby, waiting for the chance to pop back on and say hello.  I’m participating in Camp NaNoWriMo-naturally! 

Lots of great things have been happening for me lately.  I’ve really grown as a writer, and continue to grow every day.  My fanpage on Facebook has nearly hit 2,000 likes.  I did a radio interview..I’ve released loads more….yeah, that’s just about it.

I’ve missed you all.  I hope you’re well!

Episode #41: Fantasy Novelist T. E. Ridener Drops By

I am doing my first ever radio interview today! 

All in all, I think it’s been one hell of a birthday.  Yay, my birthday.